Royal Air Heating & Air Conditioning – Venting R-22 10-06-2018

Royal Air Heating & Air Conditioning flushing system BUT instead of recovering R-22 with the pump seen on video onto a recovery tank which is not on site to use. He decided to vent the R-22 into the atmosphere right outside my kitchen window until unit was empty. Before adding/charging system with 407C. Not before doing a proper flushing of system with nitrogen. This is after the same company sent a tech for no cool service call on September 27, 2018 and added/dropped 427A into a working system with R-22 & 407 in it. Which contaminate the whole system and may cause problems on new compressor installed 1 month ago. Shouldn’t they know not to do this??

Short Clip of Tech venting R-22

Owner Sammy Bayazeed of Royal Air Heating & Air Conditioning was contact about his two techs and I was inform he (owner) will fix this and make it right by doing a proper maintenance and flush… BUT as of 10-17-18 he has avoided my calls and emails.

This is not right and what the last tech did is a Federal Violation of The Clean Air Act under Section 608. By venting R-22 into the atmosphere.

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